Friday, September 25, 2009

Candy Apple Salad

It seems as though all we have posted so far is sweets. I promise we eat many other things! Maybe it's just that these are the things that are easier for Kendra to help with right now, such as this recipe. With a little verbal instruction Kendra can make this one all by her self.

Note: amounts of ingredients vary every time we make this. So just let loose and give your 4 year old the go ahead.

2-4 apples, any kind you would like.
2 reg size snicker bars or 8 fun size.
about a half of a bag of mini marshmallows (or more if you are 4)
one reg size tub of cool whip

Place the Snicker bars in the freezer about 20 minutes before you make this. It really makes it easier!
Clean, core and cut apples into small bite sized pieces.
Remove Snickers from freezer, while still in the wrapper hit with a hammer a few times to break them up into small pieces (SO much easier than trying to cut through all the Carmel and nougat)
In a large bowl combine apples, broken Snickers, half a bag of mini marshmallows and a full tub of cool whip. Stir and serve cold. Enjoy

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  1. We just get a big kick reading this stuff, how fun.

    Love Uncle Stan & Aunt Bonnie