Monday, December 14, 2009

Freckled Applesauce

With some of the apples from Papa & Grandma Sandy's tree we made Freckled Applesauce. We peeled and cut the apples, cooked them down a bit and smashed them up. Leaving them a little chunky, because that is how we like it. Then, Kendra decided to add raisins and a little cinnamon. We canned it up, shared it with a few friends but ate most of it ourselves. Yummy!!!

Kendra spotin' her new chef hat and matching apron that she got from a friend of hers for her birthday.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mommy & Me Pampered Chef!

Kendra and I had a Mommy and Me Pampered Chef party. It was a lot of fun! We invited several of our friends, Mommies and kids of different ages. The kids made pizza pockets with a cranberry flavored drink and chocolate lava cake. It wasn't our menu, but Kendra like helping me shop for all the ingredients. We had an apron for each kid (as we have quite a collection) Travis really got involved and enjoyed himself too. I think Kendra truly had a great time! I was able to get her a Christmas gift that I think she will put to good use soon.