Thursday, November 5, 2009

Freckeled Apple Sauce

For her 5 year old birthday Kendra received 2 chef hats and a few aprons. She roates through them every time she is cooking something. I LOVE the Hats!!

With all of the apples from Grandma Sandy & Papa's tree, we made a LOT of applesauce. Today we made a Kook Kendra Kreation: Freckeled Apple Sauce!

20 - 30 apples
splash of 100% apple juice
1 T lemon juice
2 T cinnimon (or more)
1 t gound cloves (or less)
1 cup rasions (or more)

Peal & slice apples, place them in a large pot with splash of 100% apple juice. Cook them down, stiring & smashing with a potato masher till they are soft. We like it pretty chunky, so we don't mash it all up. Once the apples are to the texture of your liking, add lemmon juice & spices. (You can add sugar if you want but we choose not to). Last add in raisins we used dark and like rasions this time. While sauce is still hot place into steralized canning jars.

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